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How Data Improves Your Warehouse Productivity

What would you do if your warehouse productivity suffered a severe and unexpected drop from one week to the next? There are dozens of decisions that could be the blame. Maybe it was due to reassigning pick-up and drop locations on the floor, a new staff addition, or rearranging the machinery. Either way, adjustments need to be made and fast.

Instead of manually reviewing and compiling each process’s information, what if you could access a dashboard that aggregated all the data points for you? There are many tools available today, including warehouse execution software (WES), that provide real-time data analytics to visualize operational data and help operations management run a more efficient process. With these systems in place, it makes your current information significantly more powerful. More insights into your current workforce operations allow managers to make smarter decisions and create a more intelligent crafted distribution center.

WES Enables Rapid Adjustments

Over time, the benefits of a warehouse execution software (WES) become even more prominent. After various minor improvements to order release rules or staffing configuration, a distribution center could easily handle increased volumes with the same or fewer workers. From there, entire pieces of equipment might become redundant (again, reducing operating and maintenance costs), energy utilization could be lowered, and overall productivity increased.

The distribution industry is at a pivotal point, faced with many economic and labor challenges and continual competition. Organizations that take small, data-driven steps now to ensure more scalable operations in the future will win the long-term competitive advantage.

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