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Improving Efficiency in Your DC

We are excited to introduce the AHS TransportBOT– a new way to retrieve and transport materials in your facility.

With our partnership with Mobile Industrial Robots, the AHS Emerging Technologies team has developed a driving system designed to improve efficiency in dynamic industrial environments. Through mapping and missions, the robot works seamlessly in your environment no matter the layout or additional moving parts around the bot. In a matter of hours, we can have a dashboard built specifically for your system and the TransportBOT moving around your facility.

Based on your payload requirement we start the solution with a MiR AMR robot in one of three sizes. Next, we add a cart (up to 40”x 48”) to the top of the bot to fit pallets, totes, trash or any materials you may want to move. Once we identify your goal in size and speed, we will offer the following solutions:

  • Carts Offboard
  • MiR100 – 330 lbs max – 4.92 f/s
  • MiR200 – 660 lbs max – 3.61 f/s
  • MiR500 – 1,100 lbs max – 3.9 f/s
  • Max Cart Size – 40” x 48”
  • TransportBOT500 – Pallets only
  • MiR500 – 1,100 lbs max


We understand that all operations are different, and we feel our TransportBOT can handle many applications and industries.  We are capable and efficient in the transportation of carts, pallets receiving to put-away, tote retrieval, movement, and pick-to-pallet.  Do you have multiple needs in your day to day production? With the addition of Fleet software, we can add additional TransportBOTs that can be managed on one single dashboard. The applications and capabilities are endless. Some applications include:

Product/Pallet Receiving to Put-away

  • Tote retrieval
  • Order picking applications


With the introduction of automation, safety is always a priority.  The TransportBOT safely maneuvers around people, obstacles, through doorways, and in/out of elevators. With sensors and cameras, the TransportBOT can identify its surroundings and take the most efficient route to its destination, safely avoiding bottlenecks and objects while carrying out its mission. While setting up a mission, you are able to specify safety and slow zones, map in high movement and high volume areas. The bot can be easily adapted using a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to your network.

Battery Life and Power

Optimization of movement and work is at the heart of the TransportBOT. The robots use a standard power outlet. MiRCharge is easy to place in your facility without creating clutter. The TransportBOT, depending on payload weight, can operate 8-10 hours on a full charge.  If your tasks require a complete day, a second battery can be added seamlessly that will add an additional 8-10 hours. Throughout its missions, the TransportBOT can charge when waiting on a command—minimizing operation disruption time. With multiple bots, fleet software can manage the charge times to ensure tasks continue as expected. The TransportBOT can use up to two batteries at one time, giving it extended time if charging and downtime may be a concern in a high-volume operation.

If you’re interested in learning more about the AHS TransportBOT, or any other collaborative robot we have in our Innovations Lab, contact us today.

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