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Is the “Pop-up” Operation the Next Big Thing?

Many fulfillment operations experience a peak season– a period in which order volume increases significantly above average. Peak season typically occurs during the holiday season, between Black Friday and Christmas, where volume can grow anywhere from 2x to 10x the standard rate.

Peak is expected every year around the same time, but is your facility prepared for unexpected situations? Unexpected business changes can occur at any time due to natural disasters that could happen; hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornados, etc. 

Making major infrastructure transformations within the warehouse can be very costly and inefficient for a temporary volume increase, or a temporary solution until a warehouse can get back up and running. With customer expectations increasing around delivery time, this has caused the bar for fulfillment to be higher than ever before.

Portable Sorter: Fast, Flexible, and Easy to Use

AHS partnered with one of our customers and designed a medium-rate sortation system that provides flexibility for 3PL and “pop-up” operations. AHS took the same concept from this system and added a caveat. Our engineers at AHS have designed a frame for the sorter so it sits on the swivel and locking casters; this is how the portable sorter received its name.

Here are some benefits the Portable Sorter offers to help with unexpected business changes:

  • The sorter can be rolled onto a truck and transported from one facility to another to meet demands.
  • The sorter is flexible and can easily be moved to clear-up floor space.
  • The sorter can handle mixed products, both bags and cartons, at a maximum rate of 35 CPM.
  • The Portable Sorter allows for easy integration for customers. Customers only need to provide a twist lock power feed, data cabling, and WMS integration testing.
  • The sorter can help relieve labor demands.

Providing both functionality and flexibility, the portable sorter fits the mold of companies who see frequent business changes and seasonality demands.

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