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Optimizing the Movement of Products

The AHS ConveyBoT is a new way to retrieve and transport materials in your facility. We have developed an autonomous driving system designed to improve efficiency in dynamic industrial environments.

Through mapping and missions, our goal is for the robot to work seamlessly in your operation. The autonomous technology employed allows our Bot to navigate through obstructions most efficiently.  In a matter of hours, we can have your facility operational with customized dashboards specifically built for your system.

Based on your needs, we design the solution utilizing a MiR AMR robot with a conveyor deck on top.  Next, we add controls and communication that will help establish the connection to your existing conveyors.  Using modules with inputs and outputs, we can roll installed conveyor lines on and off. Pallets, totes, trash, or any materials you may want to move are typical applications for our ConveyBoT.  Once we identify the project scope, we select the appropriate equipment to solve the challenge. Solutions we offer are based on your requirements of capacity and throughput:

  • Conveyor Deck Offboard
  • MiR100 – 330 lbs max – 4.92 f/s
  • MiR200 – 660 lbs max – 3.61 f/s


All operations are different and require different solutions. With that in mind, the AHS ConveyBoT can handle many opportunities across multiple industries. Our solutions are capable and efficient in the transportation of carts, pallets, totes, or cartons. This is completed through various forms such as receiving put-away, tote retrieval, and order picking application. Does your operation require any combination of these tasks?

With the addition of Fleet software, additional ConveyBoTs can be added and managed on one single dashboard. The applications and capabilities are endless. With the conveyor attachment, wasted time is eliminated and the movement of products in your facility is optimized.


With the introduction of automation, safety is a great priority.  The ConveyBoT safely maneuvers around people and obstacles through doorways and in/out of elevators.  With sensors and cameras, the ConveyBOT can identify its surroundings and take the most efficient route to its destination– safely avoiding bottlenecks and objects while still carrying out its mission.  Pinch points can be identified with docking to prevent potential injuries. Safety and slow zones can be set up in missions and maps in high movement and high-volume areas.  The bot can be easily adapted using a smartphone, tablet, or computer connected to your network.


Optimization of movement and work is at the heart of the ConveyBOT.  The robots use a standard power outlet and the MiRCharge is easy to place in your facility without creating clutter.  The ConveyBOT, depending on payload weight, can operate 8-10 hours on a full charge.  If your tasks require a full day, a second battery can be added effortlessly.  Throughout its missions, the ConveyBoT can charge when waiting on command so that you can be in operation 24 hours a day.  With multiple bots, fleet software can manage the charge times across robots so that your production does not become interrupted and tasks continue as expected. Would you like to see a live demo of the AHS ConveyBoT Click here to schedule an appointment today.

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