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Robots On The Assembly Line

What was once dominated by a workforce of hardworking men and women, the warehousing industry has slowly begun to morph into a more collaborative environment between human and robotic workers. Now, robots are carrying the heavy load while human workers focus on the work that truly matters.

Three Benefits of Utilizing AMRs in Your DC

Autonomous mobile robots provide value in three central ways for an organization:

1. Working continuously without pause— the ease of ordering online, the various deals on shipping, and the personal benefit of having a product delivered to your door, there is a need for nonstop workers. Ultimately, there will be a happy customer with their package in hand and on-time.

2. Safety— robots are safe! Being safe is one of the many features of autonomous mobile robots. Humans can interact and work alongside an AMR that is equipped with multiple sensors without the fear of being injured. If a human were to stumble in front of an AMR, the robot will sense the obstruction and come to a complete stop.

3. AMRs are cost-effective— an AMR can navigate to its charging station and recharge itself when there isn’t a task to perform. Something else to consider: an AMR is not a permanent structure. It can be moved to allow for rapid change in robotic infrastructure to follow changes in operational needs.

I’m Sold, What Now?

There are many types of AMRs on the market. Because no one AMR can perform all tasks, it is best to work with an integrator to find an AMR that can effectively fulfill your needs.

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