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Seeing a Return Through Quality Control

You’re ready to make the big purchase – manufacturing equipment, a new WMS (warehouse manufacturing system), or even AMRs (automated mobile robots). However, before anyone writes a large check, you need to calculate the ROI (return on investment). It isn’t always as simple as it sounds but comparing the benefits with the costs is a priority when analyzing your ROI.

If you want insight into your operation, data has to be calculated and analyzed. Hidden information contained within the data will reveal significant opportunities for cost savings and quality improvement.  

The Key Component  
Quality control is a crucial component of a well-run business. It is necessary to create ideal conditions to eliminate poor quality and operational inefficiencies. This process ensures customers receive products free from defects to meet their needs. Customers expect and demand high-quality products. When customers receive quality products, you will:  

  • Increase customer loyalty  
  • Acquire repeat business and referrals  
  • Uphold or improve your position in the market  
  • Improve safety  
  • Reduce liability risks  
  • Contribute to overall positive branding of your product  

Everything Affects Quality  
The cost of poor quality is extensive: from rework, wasted time, complaints, lost sales, and, eventually, the loss of respect in your business. Quality control isn’t just in the manufacturing area of your business but also the engineering, marketing, customer service, etc.  

The picture below is a well-known project management triangle. The idea is if one side of the triangle is changed in any way, the other sides will change as well. However, most people overlook how quality is affected. If you change the size of the triangle, you change the size of the quality within it.  

Smart Ways to Improve Your Quality Control    
Improving quality control is the most proactive way to care for your employees, customers, and managers. Putting together a smart strategy can help meet these various objectives of your organization.  

Here are 5 essential tips to start improving quality control in your facility:    

1. Build Processes – Without a great process, it is impossible to have good quality control. This may involve increased training, enhancing employee resources, and discussing new standards and expectations.    

2. Keep a clean workspace – Failing to keep a clean workspace can cause injury and increase the likelihood of errors. You should make a clean workspace a priority.    

3. Equipment tests – Hold routine equipment tests. Testing the equipment and making sure proper safety measures are taking place will help ensure workers are safe.    

4. Inspect throughout production – Controlling quality by utilizing product inspections throughout the production cycle reduces risks and costs. This will help contain and resolve issues as quickly as possible.    

5. Ensure managers are properly trained – Good quality control starts with your managers. Regardless of other steps taken, if your leaders fail to manage their team properly, the quality control processes are not likely effective. Having an efficient and well-run company requires good managers that practice essential leadership skills.   

If you would like to learn more about how you can see a return through quality control, check out our white paper, Know Your Actual Yield.

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