Location(s): Northern Kentucky
Facility Size: 220,000 sqft
Projects Implemented: 4
Years Servicing Client: 21
Vertical: Wholesale


With continued growth and increased market share, it became obvious the current facility was not going to support forecasted sales.

With advancements in technology and current construction cost, the decision was to build-up, not out. Au-ve-co’s current facility would not support this type of construction.

The new facility needed to accommodate current business levels as well as anticipated growth. Solution: Au-ve-co, working in conjunction with Advanced Handling Systems, Inc and Technology-Driven Distribution, began the process of a high-level analysis of Au-ve-co’s current business. The team designed the internal processes along with the conveyance and storage equipment to support Au-ve-co’s three-year business plan. After the design was approved, AHS’ project management team went to work on the implementation of the solution, overseeing the installation, debug and test, and system commissioning.


The facility as designed has allowed Au-ve-co to meet/exceed the expectations of their clients. They have reduced their operating budget while increasing the outbound volume.

With the strong management team and workforce, Au-ve-co feels confident they will be able to handle continued growth while providing the superior customer service their clients have become accustomed to.

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