DX22 Hosted by NKU


Northern Kentucky University and the College of Informatics will hold its 2nd Annual Digital Transformation Symposium (DX22), live and in-person, on Tuesday May 17, 2022. DX22 brings together business leaders, entrepreneurs, startups, IT and security professionals to deliver a wide-ranging perspective on digital transformation across several diverse industries and businesses. This year, the Digital Transformation Symposium will be in person on NKU’s campus with a contingency plan to switch to virtual if necessary.⁠

Get excited to hear from digital business leaders and practitioners that work within the many facets of digital business transformation, leading both internal change and customer facing innovation covering the many facets of what makes up a digital transformation!

Location: Northern Kentucky University | Griffin Hall | Nunn Drive, Highland Heights, KY 41099

Date: May 17, 2022

AHS Speaker: Dave Tavel, Senior Vice President of Sales & Solutions

Topic: Transforming Fulfillment & Distribution through the Adoption of Robotics

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