Innovation Solutions

As modern warehouses, distribution facilities, and E-commerce facilities grow in demand, so do our innovative solutions. Our Emerging Technology experts have a deep understanding of the latest technology because we are always staying ahead of the industry demands.

Approach to Software

Working with preferred partners AHS has the ability to provide software packages that are designed to fit the unique needs of every customer.

AHS Software Suite

Having the right software solution is a crucial component to ensuring a successful project.

AMR Transportation

Self-driving collaborative vehicle that navigates around people and objects without the need of a track.

Batch & Sort

Automate your batch and sort functions to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Collaborative Robotic Arm

Collaborative robotic arms use a variety of techniques to safely work alongside humans.


Pick Assisted solutions optimize and enhance the picking process within an operation.


Goods-to-person solutions are an alternative to traditional methods of picking.

Innovation Lab

The AHS Innovation Lab is your opportunity to see the latest in emerging technology and autonomous robots at work.

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