Approach to Software

The AHS Approach to Warehouse Software

Working with preferred partners, AHS can provide software packages that are designed to fit the unique needs of every customer. Focusing on customer-specific needs, we can provide specific software functionality to ensure that the appropriate solution has been designed, developed, and fully implemented. To accomplish this, AHS leverages our DesignBuild process throughout the entire software process.

Step 1: Assess

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We understand your operations.

During the initial Assess phase, AHS will work to fully understand and document the design objectives for our customers. Alongside our customers, we will complete operational site visits and descriptions of operations to ensure we are fully aligned with our customer’s objectives.

Step 2: Analyze

We evaluate your true software needs.

AHS has the unique ability to provide unbiased software solutions that we put our customers’ needs first. 

We accomplish this by leveraging our years of experience working alongside our preferred software partners to apply only the solutions that fully satisfy our customer’s needs. 

We will work with our customers to analyze which functionality of our partners is required and fully define the responsibility of each system within the overall solution. 

The result of this step is the creation of a Customer Requirements Document that AHS will use to solicit proposals from our partners.



Step 3: Recommend

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We help you understand all of your options.

With the project objectives defined and the software functionality required documented, AHS will recommend to our customers the best path forward. 

AHS will complete a Partner Capabilities review with our customer to allow for an informed decision to be made on which partner is the right fit. 

Selection of software is a crucial component to the overall system performance and our goal is provide the best solution to meet our customer’s needs of both today and the future.

Step 4: Approve

We ensure the right functionality is built into the software.

Once a software partner is selected, AHS will work alongside our customers during the approval process. 

To ensure the requested and required functionality is implemented into the final system, each project must receive the appropriate documentation for our customers to approve. 

During this phase, our customer, AHS, and our preferred party will work together to ensure all parties agree on how the systems will communicate with each other along with the functional specifications.

 The output of this step is our customer giving the final approval to proceed forward with the software development.


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Step 5: Implement

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Our management assures implementation is done correctly.

AHS will manage all facets of the project throughout the implementation phase including timeline schedules, change management approval, software pilot testing, integration testing, and project commissioning. 

Our goal is to ensure the project has been completed to our customer’s satisfaction while exceeding their expectations.

Step 6: Support

We provide you the support you expect.

After project commissioning, AHS will remain alongside our customers to ensure they are receiving the training and support they need to be successful with the newly implemented system.

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