Caja Robotics

Caja Robotics

Caja Robotics is an adaptive, scalable and responsive goods-to-person robotic order fulfillment solution ideally fitted to brownfield warehouses operating in dynamic markets.

Caja offers a goods-to-person (G2P) solution for unit picking that increases order picking efficiency and storage capacity of warehouses while also optimizing employees’ workplaces.  Caja Robotics is ideally fitted to brownfield warehouses where the system can adapt to present infrastructure as well as scale and respond to future needs. Caja’s robotic fulfillment system is comprised of advanced software, specialized robots, and user-friendly workstations. ​

Small and big robot in front of storage racking


Caja’s solution comprises two types of robots that can adapt to any existing warehouse infrastructure.

The cart robot specializes in picking and quickly transporting boxes between storage locations and user-friendly workstations, which saves 60% of picker’s time typically spent retrieving inventory.  The cart robot travels at speeds of 5 mph, reaches a height of three feet and has a carrying capacity of 66 lbs.

The lift robot is designed for storage optimization and replenishment.  It reaches just over 13 feet high and can travel at speeds up to 4 mph.

Employee picking from tote at Caja workstation


There are three types of workstations available within Caja’s system. 

The picking station can enable a 40% increase in order throughput and is designed to preform either serial picking for high-throughput orders or parallel picking for large orders.

The replenishment station enables bulk replenishment and eliminates the need for decanting.

Dedicated workstations for inventory cycle count and for custom processes, such as weighing and returns, may also be deployed in Caja’s system.

Each of the Caja workstations are great options in creating an efficient workforce, and AHS will assist you in finding the right fit for your solution.

Software program on laptop


The system is powered by a cutting-edge cloud-based software that uses advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning for navigation, fleet management and inventory optimization.

Caja also employs a state-of-the-art simulation software that creates a virtual twin of the warehouse and simulates the physical actions of the robots and picking stations.​ The virtual twin is valuable for predicting solution scope for the first installation, forecasting warehouse expansions and planning for process changes.

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