Exotec Skypod System

Exotec Skypod System

The Exotec Skypod system is an agile and high-performing automated order preparation and picking system designed specifically for retailers needing an efficient, scalable and responsive goods-to-person solution. 

The Exotec Skypod automated warehouse picking system is the first of its kind to use 3D mobile robots that can move in three dimensions.  Laser scanner navigation and AI allow the Skypods to navigate in a multidirectional manner, carrying 66 lb. bins, freeing up time for the warehouse team members to focus on packing and shipping, avoiding long-distance walks to access inventory. Looking for other dynamic vertical solutions? AHS combines the power of creative design with strategic selection to offer a comprehensive suite of vertically driven solutions. Browse them all. 

Storage racks with blue bins


Completely passive and made of simple racking and bins, Exotec’s high-density automated warehouse picking and storage system maximizes facility space without sacrificing bin accessibility.

Bins can be segmented in compartments of 2, 4, 6 and 8.  Trays can also be utilized to hold cases/cartons.  Increasing storage capacity is easy and can be done quickly without interrupting warehouse operations.

The quick installation of high-density and scalable storage sets Exotec’s Skypod system apart from the competition.

Exotec Skypod traveling on warehouse floor

Skypod Robots

The Exotec Skypod is a light robot, with a carrying capacity of 66 lbs.  It can move in all directions and reach a height of 40 feet. The autonomous robots are programmed to retrieve and store bins from storage locations while the operator stays at the station for final order assembly.

As the only moving part, the Skypod is the core of the Exotec system.  It provides sortation and prioritization and features random access to inventory.

Order picking workstation in front of Exotec racks


There are two types of workstations offered within the Exotec Skypod System.  Both stations allow speeds of up to 400 presentations per hour and provide the flexibility to pick or replenish by toggling the option on the supplied touchscreen user interface.

The manual station can prepare up to twelve simultaneous orders and creates the most efficient use of the Skypod Robot by maximizing commonality of SKU's.

The order mover station can prepare up to four orders simultaneously.  This station maximizes productivity by using singular induction to feed the stations and keep the operators focused on picking.

Both Exotec workstations are great options in creating an efficient workforce, and AHS will assist you in finding the right fit for your solution.

Yellow robotic arm in order picking


The Skypicker is a fully automated warehouse picking module that completes the Skypod order preparation solution. It is equipped with an articulated arm and order mover that allows simultaneous preparation of four orders.

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Exotec robotic arm putting items in bin
Exotec Skypod climbing racking system

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AHS is the leading provider of Exotec's Skypod System solution in North America having installed the first Exotec system available in the United States. Our team is uniquely equipped with the Exotec Skypod System available for demo in the AHS Innovation Lab. 

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