Pick-Assisted Solutions

Pick-Assisted Solutions

Pick Assisted solutions optimize and enhance the picking process within an operation. There are many ways to increase picking performance. Here at AHS, we have been developing solutions with AMRs to aid picking processes for optimum results. With our Pick-Bot, we can assist in these types of picking methods:

Mir robot with shelf attachment

Exotec Skypod System

AMRs are strictly mission-based. Point to point travel is based upon operator direction or a warehouse software.

Mir robot with shelf attachment


AHS’ Accelerator software will strategically place robots within the pick module focusing on robot density. Operators will pick and walk from robot to robot to complete the picking process.

Mir robot with shelf attachment

Lead Me

An AMR will lead an operator through pick positions. The operator can be directed by product images on a tablet and/or put to light on the robot.

Mir robot with shelf attachment


One of the more dynamic solutions, AMRs will pick and bring a case/tote to a pick station and then return the case/tote to its rack position. Operators can then place products into a put wall, case pick or tote.

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