The line between AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) and AGVs (automated guided vehicle) has become blurred in the past few years. Many robotic solutions used for transportation would consider themselves AGVs because they do not perform obstacle avoidance like AMRs, even though they utilize very similar components. This group of transportation robots act how a conventional AGV would: they will stick to a fixed route that must remain clear, but without the addition of costly wire guides or magnetic tape. The main benefits of this are: fewer unknown scenarios that can cause the robot to fault out and more predictability in the actions of the robot. These robots typically can’t quickly change top modules like AMRs, but their tasks usually relate to unceasing requests such as, pallet movement.

Two Nipper AGVs moving down warehouse aisle

F3 Nipper

Employed to move facility dedicated pallets for various non-value-added movements. Pallets can weigh as much as 1,100 lbs.




Efficiently move pallets from multiple elevation pick and drop locations through a facility. Capabilities include fully automatic and manual lift movements up to 2,650 lbs and tugging up to 10,000 lbs.

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