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Our Dedicated DesignBuild Approach

Through our 6-Step DesignBuild process, you can be assured that your entire project lifecycle will stay on track to meet your company’s goals of strategy, time, budget, and return on investment. Carefully crafted from years of experience with successful planning and implementation, DesignBuild will streamline supply chain processes, improve employee productivity, and maximize your return on investment.

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Step 1: Assess

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We understand your specific needs.

During the Assessment phase, we will perform a site visit to better understand your needs. Together, we will work through details such as project timeline requirements, design objectives, and approval processes. We provide a high-level assessment of the current situation and describe our vision of a path forward. We work together as an extension of your team to provide the optimal solution for your unique circumstance.

What we’ll do:

Site visit to complete a comprehensive examination of your needs.

What you’ll get:

Detailed proposal identifying the project scope and path forward.

Step 2: Analyze

We determine the baseline for measuring project success.

During this step we perform an in-depth analysis of existing circumstances to gain the information necessary to provide you with strategic growth recommendations. We work with your team on the front lines to fully understand your needs, and we also benchmark current operations to establish a baseline for measuring the return on investment. Our hands-on operational review ensures that we possess the accurate, baseline operational data for comparison against proposed projects and actual outcomes.

What we’ll do:

Hands-on, in-depth operational review of current process data.

What you’ll get:

Baseline, accurate operational data for comparison against actual project outcomes.


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Step 3: Recommend

We recommend the solution to help you get the biggest ROI.

To ensure a maximum return on investment, we collect data during the Process Improvement Recommendation phase to examine all possible paths that will achieve desired results. At the end of this phase, we outline each of those recommendations and provide detailed layouts, timelines, and budgets for the proposed project and the specifications for completing the work.

What we’ll do:

Thorough assessment of all possible solutions and detailed recommendations.

What you’ll get:

Detailed recommendations, layouts, timelines, and budgets.

Step 4: Approve

We validate your solution to your executive team.

AHS will walk your executive management team through the work completed thus far. The session is designed to discuss any questions you have and further explain how our recommendations align with your growth strategies. The outcome of this session will be a finalized scope of work and the approval to move forward.

What we’ll do:

Host an informative session with your executive management team to answer any questions.

What you’ll get:

Security and peace of mind that your project will align with your growth strategy.

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Step 5: Implement

Our management assures implementation is done correctly.

AHS will manage all facets of the project including timeline schedules, implementation, budgets and system commissioning. Working with world class vendors, AHS will finalize designs, generate approval documentation, and establish exit testing to ensure a successful implementation of the project.

What we’ll do:

Coordinate and manage all aspects of the project.

What you’ll get:

A completed project that exceeds your expectations.

Step 6: Support

We get you the results you expect.

In this final step, AHS revisits the original data, comparing that information to operational data gathered from the newly implemented system. Through an analysis of this information, we’ll help you and your management team understand and interpret the results. We will provide ongoing support and modification management to ensure that your operations continue to succeed.

What we’ll do:

Gather new operational data to compare to the benchmarked data.

What you’ll get:

Performance analysis of implemented systems and justification of your investment.

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