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AHS partners with Caja Robotics as Certified Systems Integrator

CINCINNATI, Ohio (August 31, 2020)– AHS (Advanced Handling Systems), a full-service provider of integrated fulfillment, distribution, and robotic solutions, has formed a partnership with Caja Robotics – a visionary software and robotics company that is committed to advance warehouse operations through its smart and flexible goods-to-person robotic fulfillment solution.

Caja Robotics was founded due to the daily challenges experienced in the world of order fulfillment. This was the driver to develop an economic warehouse robotics solution that is adaptive enough to work with existing infrastructure and flexible enough to handle peaks in sales. Flexibility is a strong suit, as Caja can respond to peak demands by moving robot working hours or condensing the robots to fewer aisles. Employees can manually pick from the other aisles.

The Caja solution is currently the best goods-to-person solution for brownfield implementations and can easily adapt to your warehouse by utilizing existing infrastructure like shelving, floors, and boxes. The system is scalable and modular due to its competitive setup cost, ease of use to add pick stations and aisles, and short lead time. The pick stations enable bulk replenishment with no decanting needed for inbound goods. The system includes serial pick stations where boxes are continuously presented and parallel pick stations where boxes are accessible simultaneously for an extended period.

Caja employs a two-robot system to reduce cycle time and lower overall cost. The small cart robot is used for picking and most of the travel. The larger lift robot is used for replenishment and continuous storage optimization.

“AHS is thrilled to partner with Caja Robotics as their premier integrator partner in North America. We feel that the technology provides an innovative, best-in-class, goods-to-person solution that can be easily retrofitted into existing and new environments, and done so at a much more rapid pace than traditional solutions,” says Drew Eubank, Director of Customer Solutions at AHS.

“We are excited to partner with AHS to support our expansion in North America. Given AHS’ strong presence in the United States, paired with their deep expertise in warehouse automation and robotics, I am confident that we are well-positioned to address the needs of US customers with our flexible robotics solution,” says Dr. Ilan Cohen, CEO of Caja Robotics.

Caja Robotics will be available for purchase through AHS. For more information, contact an AHS expert at or visit

About AHS, LLC

AHS is a full-service provider of integrated fulfillment and distribution solutions within the supply chain. For more than 40 years, AHS has been combining the power of creative design with a strategic selection of equipment manufacturers to create best-in-class fulfillment and distribution solutions for a wide variety of industries and clients. AHS is uniquely equipped with its proven 6 step DesignBuild process to understand our customer’s “Current State”. This understanding allows AHS to provide solutions that streamline and improve employee productivity, order cycle times, and order accuracy supporting the “Future State”. AHS continues to focus on accommodating the ongoing interest and deployment of high-end automation, goods-to-person, and AMRs along with traditional fulfillment solutions for its customers.

About Caja

Caja offers a robotic mini-load ASRS for goods-to-person order fulfillment. Caja was founded in 2014, with the vision to lead the transition to automated warehouses with smart systems and flexible robotics that pick-up order efficiency, lift storage capacity, and optimize employees’ workplaces. The team of visionary software and robotics experts at Caja is continuously striving to elevate warehouse operations through robotic fulfillment.

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