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AHS Partners with Caja Robotics to bring Robotic Fulfillment to a Major Distribution Facility

AHS Partners with Caja Robotics to bring Robotic Fulfillment to a Major Distribution Facility

Erlanger, KY (April 12, 2021) – Advanced Handling Systems (AHS, LLC) announced today that they will be partnering with Caja Robotics to optimize a Midwest distribution facility for a major retailer. AHS, LLC, a full-service systems integrator located in Erlanger, KY, is a premier US partner of Caja Robotics and will be completing the installation and deployment of approximately 100 robots in the new facility. Caja Robotics is a visionary software and robotics company that is committed to advancing warehouse operations through its proprietary, smart, and flexible goods-to-person robotic fulfillment solution.

Utilizing a dual-robot system, the Caja solution will support roughly 108,000 square feet of the facility space. The solution will enable the distribution center to operate at optimal performance, with the ability to support an outbound unit volume greater than 26 thousand units per day.

“When AHS was looking to expand our technology offerings, we partnered with organizations that we felt not only provided something innovative but technology that could be deployed to solve real challenges in the distribution center,” said Drew Eubank, Director of Customer Solutions at AHS. “I can’t explain – in words – how excited I am to see this strategy pay off with this large Caja installation.  It will not only benefit the customer but could potentially provide a solution for an entire industry segment.”

Caja Robotics was founded in response to the daily challenges experienced in the world of order fulfillment. This was the driving force to develop a smart warehouse robotics solution that is adaptive enough to work with existing infrastructure and flexible enough to handle peaks in sales. Flexibility is a strong suit, as Caja can respond to peak demands by stretching the robots to increase their working hours and/or add more robots to the fleet of robots during peak time. Caja’s solution increases order efficiency, optimizes storage capacity, and improves the workplace environment to maximize business growth; the solution allows fast deployment and is also scalable. The system includes advanced cloud-based software which controls the entire operation, two types of robots which work in combination, two types of picking stations, and fleet management with a unique 4D algorithm for warehouse and order optimization.  

“We are excited to partner with AHS on this major deployment, where we excel by virtue of the combined capabilities of both our companies,” said Ilan Cohen, CEO of Caja Robotics. “We’ve teamed up our dedicated robotic solution and market expertise to deliver competitive advantages to fulfillment operations in retail e-commerce.”

With AHS’ extensive experience in warehouse automation paired with Caja’s intelligent and flexible goods-to-person technology, both teams are confident and excited to get started on the first of many projects together.

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