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AHS Provides the First Exotec Installation in the United States

AHS Provides the First Exotec Installation in the United States

AHS is excited to announce the installation of the first Exotec system in the United States, right here at our Cincinnati office. The demo system installed onsite at AHS includes all the components used at live customer sites. This allows us to simulate all functions of the system and grants us the ability to induct denoted inventories.

Exotec Solutions was founded in 2014 with the vision to add a third dimension to the customary two-dimensional goods-to-person systems. This innovative idea established a disruptive goods-to-person picking system with the ability to fill the cube space of warehouses and distribution centers, which was named, the Skypod. Exotec has its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Lille, just 2 hours north of Paris, at the heart of a world-class logistics ecosystem. Through strategic partners, like AHS, Exotec is accelerating its presence worldwide. Some of the main benefits of the Skypod system include:

  • The system is easily scalable and can meet the storage and flow requirements independently
  • Advanced Astar software which seamlessly controls a fleet of robots using the best of computer modeling and mathematics to allow for fast order preparation with minimal resources
  • No mechanization of the rack to allow for quick installation and the potential to save up to a year of lease time
  • Equivalent performance to best in class automated order picking system, while being more customizable and agile

If you would like to view the Exotec system in the United States, AHS is your only opportunity to see this system in action. We are gracious to have been able to collaborate with our partners at Exotec and look forward to an accelerated growth of interest in the Skypod system.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment to view the Exotec System in our Demo Lab.

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