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White Papers for Fulfillment Optimization & Distribution Design Solutions

Making the Move From Manual to Automated

The types of automation in a facility and how to know the right time to make the switch from manual processes to automated processes.

Scaling for Peak Season During a Labor Shortage

Scaling for Peak Season During a Labor Shortage

How fulfillment and distribution centers can optimize and scale operations to meet peak season demand.

Working Towards Lights Out Fulfillment

Defining "lights out automation" and outlining the advancements in technology that have moved processes from manual to semi-automated to fully automated.

Measure and Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Measure & Improve Warehouse Efficiency

The following information describes some of the most frequently tracked and beneficial KPIs by operational area for managing a facility.

Strategically Optimizing Your Current Space

Considering which technology to implement and how to maximize your current facility is no easy task. An in-depth data analysis is required to develop the framework for structuring a plan and identifying technology options.



As with any major business decision, considering whether to pursue a micro-fulfillment strategy and which technology to implement requires doing your homework.

Order Picking Solutions

Order Picking Solutions

Choosing an appropriate order picking solution is often over-simplified, but selecting an optimal one can help reach goals in increasing order volume, maximizing productivity, reducing labor, and speeding delivery time.

Warehouse Execution Software

The advantage of recent trends in the WES landscape means that customers have more options now than ever before when assessing how to fulfill their execution software needs within the warehouse.

The New Role of Robotics in the Supply Chain

The New Role of Robotics in the Supply Chain

With the shortcomings of recent times, AHS looks to bring stability and reliability to our nation’s uncertainty.

Show me the Money How to Best Invest your Warehouse

Show Me the Money

The world is in the midst of a technology evolution that is impacting virtually every aspect of life from the way we communicate to the way business is done. New technologies are continually being developed.

Know your Actual Yield

Know Your Actual Yield

Planning a material handling system is a major undertaking, and the development of your ROI model is the foundation of the project's success or failure.

The Use of AMRs in Warehousing

The Use of AMRs in Warehousing

As modern warehouses, distribution facilities and E-commerce facilities grow in demand, many industry challenges--both old and new--are becoming more apparent.

The use of Collaborative Robots

The Use of Collaborative Robots

Robots are viewed as task-driven machines that aim to take over jobs that humans are incapable of doing efficiently and effectively.

The Importance of Data Analysis

The Importance of Data Analysis

When time is of the essence, one might think it is better to dive in and start making important project decisions without prioritizing the data analysis phase of a project.


Visualize your Fulfillment and Distribution Solutions with 3D Renderings

AHS is able to help your realize your custom solution through 3D Designs. We have the capabilities to provide you with multiple different images to show:

  • Overall Facility Views
  • Elevation Views
  • Process Flows
  • Ergonomics and more


Fulfillment and Distributions Videos

Demo the Innovation Lab

Demo the Innovation Lab

From automated material and pallet movement to robotic goods-to-person fulfillment technology, experience in-person or virtually how these solutions can enhance your supply chain.

Small but Mighty - Leveraging Technology in Small Spaces

Small but Might - Leveraging Technology in Small Spaces

More businesses are utilizing micro-fulfillment to make last-mile delivery faster and cheaper. Given that micro-fulfillment facilities are smaller, what technology can you utilize within the space constraints? How do you optimize those technologies and processes?

Ramping up your ROI

Ramping Up Your ROI through Robotics

When automating a warehouse, robotic automation can typically offer the largest ROI. What strategies should you be following to ensure you're getting the most return out of your robotic investment?

Fireside Chat with Exotec and Ariat

Fireside Chat with Exotec & Ariat

Exotec and Ariat speak about their experiences working with AHS and the Exotec Skypod System integration in Ariat's 1M square foot facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

Can Microfulfillment Be Defined Yet

Can Microfulfillment Be Defined Yet?

A panel discussion at the Manifest event between the top companies in the industry. Join us in the discussion between AHS, Attabotics, OSARO, and Geek+.

Caja Robotics Implementation

Caja Robotics Implementation | AHS LLC

AHS successfully integrated possibly the largest Caja Robotic system totaling 115,000 square feet of storage, 123 rows of racking, and 93 robots. Our team of experts was able to revolutionize the order fulfillment process for this distribution center with the use of this robotic goods-to-person system.

First Exotec Skypod System in USA AHS LLC

First Exotec Skypod System in USA | AHS LLC

The first Exotec Skypod System in the USA was successfully integrated by AHS LLC. Our team revolutionized the eCommerce order fulfillment process within this distribution center.

Robotics and Automation in Warehousing breakout panel A Post-Pandemic Response

Robotics and Automation in Warehousing breakout panel: A Post-Pandemic Response

Here we have our Robotics and Automation in Warehousing breakout panel during the University of Louisville Logistics and Distribution Institute workshop.

Seminar The Strategy Around Micro-Fulfillment

Seminar: The Strategy Around Micro-Fulfillment

This presentation will emphasize key points that should be highly considered when developing a strategy around Micro-fulfillment.

A look into AHS' Innovations Lab

A look into AHS' Innovations Lab

A quick look into AHS' Innovations lab.

Seminar Extending the life of existing capital through the use of AMRs

Seminar: Extending the life of existing capital through the use of AMRs

Extending the life of existing assets through the use of AMR technology is a great strategy to protect your investment. Where and how to implement this strategy is key.

1 Minute Snapshot Exotec

1 Minute Snapshot: Exotec

Take a look as we highlight the key benefits of our robotic partner, Exotec, and their Skypod System.

AHS at Modex 202

AHS at Modex 2020

Listen as one of our experts speaks about AHS' latest solutions, as demonstrated in our booth during Modex.

Design Build Process

DesignBuild Process

The 6-step process ensures that your company's goals of time, budget, and ROI are met. Don’t just take our word for it.

Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore Learning

Watch as the AHS team design and implement an entire system for Lakeshore Learning from the ground up.

Small Parcel Sortation

Small Parcel Sortation

High speed sortation for the conveyance and sortation of boxes and poly bags. Sorter designed to handle a rate of 80 poly bags per minute.

AHS - Pivoting

AHS - Pivoting

The Put Pod will pivot into position to optimize both the put and pack.

MDR Bag Accumulation

MDR Bag Accumulation

Poly Bags being conveyed and accumulated on MDR conveyor.

High Speed - Poly Bag Sorter

High Speed - Poly Bag Sorter

Poly Bags being sorted to multiple destinations.

High Speed - Poly Bad Induction

High Speed - Poly Bag Induction

Ploy Bags being inducted through an in motion scale feeding onto a high speed sorter.

2 to 1 Merge Table

2 to 1 Merge Table

AHS was tasked with being able to convey, accumulate, and sort both cartons and poly bags.

2 to 1 Merger

2 to 1 Merger

AHS's engineering team worked with one of its business partners to convey, accumulate, and induct both cartons and poly bags.

Sortation Chutes

Sortation Chutes

Chutes were designed and installed for the conveyance and sortation of both cartons and poly bags.

3 to 1 Merge (handling)

3 to 1 Merge (handling)

Designed to handle and merger both poly bags and cartons. Parcels feed onto the merge table from 24 volt zone belt accumulation conveyor.

3 to 1 Merge

3 to 1 Merge

By installing 24 Volt Conveyor, AHS, Inc. was able to design and install a solution to convey and sort both cartons and poly bags at a rate of 80 parcels per minute.

2 to 1 Merge - Poly Bags

2 to 1 Merge - Poly Bags

Conveying and handling both poly bags and cartons upto 80 parcels per minute. Being fed by 24 volt zone belt accumulation conveyor.

Case Studies

Exceeding Customer Expectations

For more than 40 years, AHS has been combining the power of creative design with a strategic selection of equipment manufacturers to create best-in-class fulfillment and distribution solutions for a wide variety of industries and clients. As a client of AHS, you get the personal time and attention of an expert, niche partner who will work with you one-on-one to develop the best solutions for you.

AHS takes great pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations and we thank them for providing these AHS Success Stories.

Ariat Logo 2


In this video case study, Ariat explains how AHS | Hy-Tek has helped the retail & eCommerce company optimize its order fulfillment process by implementing the Exotec Skypod System.



The system was tested within a couple of weeks from start-up by shipping over 8,000 orders within a 12-hour period.


The Hillman Group

A modernized distribution facility that supports Hillman's plans for continued growth. Increased average lines-per-person/per hour 61% by implementing pick-to-light technology and a state-of-the-art WMS.



The facility is able to expand to 500,000 square feet, positioning Hubert to accommodate future client demands as well as enhancing its position for new business development.

logo -swimoutlet


After a few short months of operation, the team was able to process higher volumes with one-third of its previous fulfillment team.



The installed system is performing as expected and will support the additional volumes as forecasted by Smith & Hawken.



After comparing layouts, evaluating locations and negotiating lease options, the team determined that the Monroe, OH location was best suited to enhance the customer experience.


Finish Line

The system was installed on time and within budget. Within the first six weeks of production, the system was able to process 155% of year five projections. 100% of the previously installed equipment was reused within the new design.


eBay Enterprise

The entire team stayed committed and followed the detailed master plan to meet the “go live” date.



In utilizing AHS's expertise, the gap has been able to keep the overhead cost down, focus on pressing issues, and rely on them to assist with ongoing education of current technology and processes.



Au-ve-co has reduced its operating budget while increasing outbound volume. With the strong management team and workforce, Au-ve-co is confident they will be able to handle continued growth while providing superior customer service.


The Innovation Lab

The Innovations Lab Brochure

Download our brochure to read more about each of the featured robots and how they are modernizing the warehouse and distribution experience.

The Ultimate Solution

The Ultimate Solution

AHS combines the power of creative design with a strategic selection of equipment manufacturers to create best-in-class fulfillment and distribution solutions.

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

Here at AHS, our business model has been to create strategic partnerships in order to provide the best solution for our customers.

AHS Portable Sorter

AHS Portable Sorter

Providing functionality and flexibility, the portable sorter fits the mold of companies who see frequent business changes and seasonality demands.

Exotec FAQs

Exotec FAQs

View some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about the Exotec Skypod system and the new Skypicker.

F3Nipper FAQs

F3 Nipper FAQs

The F3 Nipper is more than just a standard AGV. View some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about this smart transportation robot.

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