Vertical Solutions

AHS combines the power of creative design with a strategic selection of equipment manufacturers to create best-in-class fulfillment and distribution solutions. Our automated warehouse systems are designed to improve efficiencies, increase your output, and keep your operation running smoothly day in and day out. 

We encourage you to learn more about our entire suite of warehouse system solutions to find the best options for your warehouse or fulfillment center. 


Many companies turn to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider for their fulfillment needs.


Consumers want the convenience of shopping from their home, fast delivery, and an easy return process.


This level of service requires a more complex fulfillment system comparable to an omnichannel fulfillment operation.


Fulfillment methods in manufacturing can vary within the organization, even within the four walls depending on which processes are involved.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage fulfillment can present special challenges to a typical fulfillment operation.


The key ingredient in successful pharmaceutical fulfillment is order accuracy.


Omni-channel fulfillment is becoming more common, and the design of the fulfillment centers must be robust enough to handle processing.

Customer Process Solutions

Each process has its unique requirements and is typically designed around the parameters as defined by the process requirement. Wherever the issue arises, our goal is to help companies like yours cut their costs and improve their processes. Browse our unique customer process solutions below. 


With the right solution, receiving inventory can be a seamless transition.

Reserve Storage

Excess inventory in the facility after the primary storage locations are filled.

Active Storage

The locations that hold the inventory used to fulfill orders.

High-Speed Sortation

Distribution and fulfillment centers have pledged to fulfill online orders quickly with more accuracy.

Value-Added Services

Services that complement and enhance warehousing, and distribution offerings.

Order Audit

The final contingency plan for orders with errors before shipment.


Internal packaging components that consist of metal, foam, planks, aluminum, or corrugated paper.

Print & Apply

Exceedingly beneficial in the shipping process as well in other places in the warehouse.


It is imperative to reduce shipping costs and uphold customer satisfaction.

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